In January 2017 Umweltcluster Bayern/iDetec created a network for Bavarian landfill operators. It works as a plattform to share experiences in day-to-day business as well as a communication channel with authorities and other stakeholders from the landfill sector. Membership fee includes three meetings per year plus a workshop organized by iDetec.


K640 IMG 7368
Kickoff meeting in Erlangen (landfill Herzogenaurach)

Workshop Deponiebetreiber 2017 Begrüßung
Workshop for landfill operators in Bayreuth

Workshop Deponiebetreiber 2017 Deponiebesichtigung2
Visit of the piggyback landfill project in Bayreuth (landfill Heinersgrund)


Picture sources: Umweltcluster Bayern.


2020: The "new digital normal"

It was in February 2020 that the last face-to-face meeting was held at R&H's headquarters in Fürth. Who was to know that soon the entire world, including the waste management sector, would be affected by the Covid crisis? iDetec and aDetec reacted soon though, and offered their members new digital networking solutions. Yet there are more events to come, such as virtual landfill consultation hours.

Let's keep in (digital) touch!


Review: Highlights and Activities in 2019

Looking back to last year, several fruitful meetings, workshops and site visits were realized for our members. One highlight was the "Workshop for Bavarian Landfill Operators", which was hosted by Freudlsperger Beton- und Kieswerke GmbH. More then 20 landfill operators as well as representatives from authorities and iDetec experts followed the invitation to Altötting. The morning session included technical presentations (by companies Freudlsperger, Coplan and Desotec), followed by a discussion round and an on-site visit of Freudlsperger's landfill for extractive waste in the afternoon.

190718 Betreiberworkshop Vorträge 190718 Betreiberworkshop Deponie

Successfull combination of theory and practice: Discussions during the morning session and on-site at the landfill. Picture source: Umweltcluster Bayern.

Another interesting site visit took place in November 2019. The iDetec network members got the opportunity to visit the impressive remediation project "Kesslergube" (Perimeter 1/3-Northwest) in Grenzach-Whylen. iDetec member Company BAUER Umwelt GmbH has been contracted by Roche Pharma AG to excavate the old landfill site with a maximum depth of 13 meters and a total volume of 180.000 m³. Afterwards, the contaminated material is transferred to a thermal treatment plant.

K800 191112 iDetec Kesslergrube

iDetec members visiting the "Kesslergrube" project (Manuel Melsbach / TU München - Zentrum Geotechnik, Alfred Mayr / Umweltcluster Bayern, Laura Jantz-Klinkner / Umweltcluster Bayern, Dirk Segtrop / BECO Bermüller & Co. GmbH, Sabine Seifert / Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt, Dr. Frank Tidden / BAUER Resources GmbH, Simone Wollenberg / Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt). Picture source: BAUER Resources GmbH.