Do you need to implement measures at your landfill or are you looking for new technical solutions? Our experts are here to carry out non-binding landfill inspections free of charge – no matter whether it‘s a site investigation, a new construction, questions regarding sealing materials, leachate recirculation, gas control systems, or even if your landfill is going to be decommissioned soon or if restoration work is due.

What do you need to do?

We are happy to advise you! Give us a call for an initial, non-binding consultation. Our experts will make an initial on-site assessment and submit a detailed proposal.

Are you interested in a landfill inspection? Send us the details of your landfill site and the proposed measures. This will give our team of experts a first impression. We can subsequently discuss any other questions you may have and plan the inspection together.

On-site consultations

We will visit your landfill and advise you on the current challenges and planned course of action. Trust in our expert advice! Following the landfill inspection you will receive a summary of the advisory consultation along with our recommendations. Our experts are available to answer any further questions at any time.

The "landfill inspection" is free of charge for sites located in Germany. The costs for other countries depend on the location and complexity of the project. We are happy to submit you an offer upon your specific request!

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