The Bavarian Environment Agency (Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt, LfU) was set up on August 1, 2005, incorporating all environmental departments of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection.

Safe recycling and disposal

We assess and inspect landfill sites, recycling and incineration plants to make sure that they do not present any pollution risks. In case of hazardous waste (= special waste) like chemicals, oil or asbestos we also check whether any special waste has been properly disposed of. How do we do this? On the basis of the records that have to be kept by producers, transporters and firms disposing of hazardous waste.

Our research institute, the Josef-Vogl-Technikum (Josef Vogl Waste Technology Centre) seeks answers to the following questions: Is waste contaminated? What is contained in the waste collected in the bins for residual waste? Can any technical improvements be made to the present recycling and disposal plants?

Always changing

The type, origin and volume of waste is constantly changing. Each year we document how much waste is accumulated in the counties and towns, what it consists of (packaging, metals, organic waste, sewage sludge, residual waste, special waste, etc.) and how it is recycled and disposed of. On the strength of these data, we then develop concepts and ways to avoid, recycle and dispose of waste in an environmentally compatible manner in collaboration with companies, municipalities as well as waste recycling and disposal firms.