The risks arising from organic, inorganic and radioactive waste are topics of our business unit soil and groundwater protection. We support operators of landfills during planning, approval and execution of securing and remediation measures.

We offer our technical know-how and practical experience for the following applications:

  • Soil and Groundwater Protection
  • Biogas Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automation Technology

Selected services for soil and groundwater protection:  

1. Site-specific securing and remediation of:

  • Landfills
  • Old waste deposits and contaminated sites
  • Deposits of all types (stockpiles, etc.)
  • Cases of soil and groundwater contamination

2. Dimensioning of securing and remediation measures, regardless of their type, in the context of the evaluation of emission containment options:

  • Proof of site-specific effectiveness of quality assured sealing systems
  • Proof of emission safety for the site
  • Most economical solution in accordance with ecological and economic aspects

3. Emission Limit Analysis of various material types to conserve natural resources:

  • Recycling of mineral construction waste in earthworks
  • Utilization of soil in soil-like applications such as backfilling of excavations
  • Filling of workspaces or backfilling of mines, quarries and open pits
  • Mineral substitute materials for road construction, landfills (sealing materials) or for construction of dikes, anti-noise barriers, etc.

4. Qualified assessment of the suitability of sites for construction of interim and final storage facilities for any materials (chemo- or radio-toxic) and determination of the required facility and site conditions

5. Site assessment of the current state of areas of suspected contamination, old waste deposits or contaminated sites

6. Quantifiable verification for release of landfills from the aftercare period as part of the expert planning

7. Quantifiable evaluation of the time required for landfill aftercare as well as the total costs as part of the expert planning


Current reference projects in field of activity of soil and groundwater protection:
Technical expertise about the assessment of landfill sites (Federal Office Switzerland) • Dimensioning of the surface sealing system of the landfill Tec Bianch (Switzerland) • planning of design, approval and execution of the in situ soil filter aeration technology at the digestion deposit Pill (Austria) • Development of securing measures at the landfill Weiden West (Germany) • Remediation of a diesel contamination within track area of a railway station (Austria)
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