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Research & development

  • fundamental research in landfill technology
  • examination of scientific questions in regard to landfill remediation (i.e. water circulation and balance of matter)
  • mobility of water and degradation products
  • increase/reduction of reactions in landfill body
  • tracer marking material tests and suitability tests for materials for landfills

Planning & consultation

  • Planning & consultation
  • consultation on laws concerning landfill technology and their application
  • pre-treatment of waste
  • search for new landfill site
  • survey report on site
  • calculations of stability of landfill body
  • hydrological calculations
  • consultation on sealing methods: mineral components, asphalt, geosynthetic barriers, alternative sealing systems, choice of sealing components and expert reports
  • systems for the collection of landfill gas and leachate

Production & sales

  • production and sale of plastic liners, geotextiles and concrete protection mats
  • production and sale of leachate pipes and gas wells
  • production of asphalt, production of asphalt recipe and adaptation to conditions of use and performance tests
  • production and sale of materials for the pre-treatment of waste


  • pre-treatment of waste
  • excavation
  • reinforcement of landfill structure
  • laying of base seal, intermediate layer and surface seal
  • internal and external construction surveillance
  • quality management
  • construction of capillary barriers
  • installation of leachate recirculation systems and gas drainage systems, leachate collection basins and gas wells
  • compilation of landfill pipe system field book
  • combination of biogas and landfill gas
  • construction of methane oxidation layer
  • calculation and construction of water balance layer
  • general contractor

Operation & monitoring

  • operator models
  • regular monitoring and sampling
  • quality control of sealing systems
  • training for landfill personnel
  • environmental monitoring (ground water, landfill gas)

Closure & after care

  • planning of and consultation on all areas of closure and aftercare
  • shortening of aftercare and cost reduction
  • sustainable concepts for the closure and aftercare of landfills (sealing, leachate, gas)
  • calculation of the duration of aftercare
  • online monitoring

After use concepts

  • planning of and consultation on all areas of after use, including foundation of buildings on landfills, i.e. solar power plants or wind power plants
  • solar power plants on landfills (planning, consultation and installation)
  • wind power plants on landfills (planning, consultation and installation)
  • landscape planning
  • rehabilitation as conservation or local recreation area
  • cultivation
  • pump storage technologies
  • landfill mining


  • planning of and consultation on the selection of remediation methods
  • remediation concepts for former landfill sites / abandoned hazardous sites
  • dismantling and monitoring
  • remediaton of leachate circluation system, pit system and gas wells, piping systems, condensate pits, gas control stations and repair of conversion system of landfill gas to electricity
  • exchange/repair of base seal, intermediate layers and surface seals
  • ground water remediation
  • monitored natural attenuation concepts
  • soil remediation (biological, physiochemical)
  • soil gas remediation
  • adsorption processes
  • stripping plant
  • in-situ stabilization
  • leachate purification
  • reinforcement of landfill structure
  • disposal of contaminated deposits
  • landfill relocation
  • reintegration of material
  • internal and external quality control

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